A modular digital ecosystem platform that is used by business communities to supercharge member engagement through B2B collaboration, next-gen business growth and data-driven insights.

Powering growth by connecting businesses with qualified opportunities and trusted partners.

Member engagement​

  • Members hub

  • Opportunity & Job boards

  • Forums & Content library

  • Referrals & Introductions

  • Messaging & Video

  • Task management

  • File sharing

  • P2P payments

Community management

  • Training & education

  • Content management

  • Events

  • Recognition & incentives

  • Reporting & insights

  • Marketing automation

  • Subscription payments

And many more features which we can't share here...

BizForce Connect

Member engagement solution for networking groups, coaches, event organisers, co-working spaces, associations, and others

BizForce Connect provides curated digital experiences to business communities on a white-label basis which can be launched in a matter of hours rather than months, saving precious time and cost.


Supporting a variety of use cases where it can complement the core services of existing ecosystems through a revenue-generating digital extension that is resilient to the current uncertain climate.

Create new value for members of your network with BizForce Connet.


What can my ecosystem be used for?
BizForce can support a variety of use cases. It is most commonly used for B2B community building. Business networking, coaching, events organisation, customer engagement and virtual office space are just a few examples.

What does the platform offer me and my members? 
BizForce offers collaboration and communication capabilities through a variety of modules you get to choose from. From a members' directory with rich profiles, opportunity boards, messaging capability and file sharing, through to more advanced options which we are continuously building to keep you ahead with the latest market trends.

How long does it take to get my own ecosystem stood up?
It is super quick. You just need to pick a name and sudomain for your ecosystem and you are ready to launch. We also provide useful resources to help you build and grow your community.

What will my ecosystem look like?
Your ecosystem comes with many customisation options. For a start you can use your own logo and brand colours. You can then use the CMS to change the content and settings of your ecosystem - including notification settings, invite rules and content like your welcome email and About page. As the ecosystem admin you can also share content and assign roles, as well as access advanced analytics to help you make strategic decisions about your ecosystems.

Can I get payments from my members on BizForce?
Absolutely! BizForce provides a quick and easy way for you to receive payments from your ecosystem members through our integration with Stripe. You can also use your own payment solution by simply integrating it with the BizForce APIs (we provide details in the developer documentation section).

How much does it cost?
We support different pricing structures to suit your business model. Book a demo to discuss your ecosystem needs.

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We are constantly innovating in the B2B networking/partnerships/collaboration space and are adding trending concepts as new modules to the platform all the time. We bring the best and latest to our customers.

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