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Power member success in the new normal

Co-working communities are thriving ecosystems of dynamic growth, energy and agility. However, many businesses are facing the challenges of operating in the new normal and recovering lost ground during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Access to efficient, effective and trusted sources of revenue and growth opportunities will be vital to accelerating business recovery.

BizForce Connect enables co-working spaces to supercharge member to member collaboration, referrals and opportunity sharing through powerful technology that augments existing member directory and collaboration solutions to deliver more value to members in the new normal.

Image by Annie Spratt

With the ability to create an open or closed digital community, BizForce Connect enables co-working spaces to enrich member experiences through:

  • Integrated networking and matching

  • Referral management solution

  • Collaboration and document management suite

  • Opportunity board and bidding

  • In-platform events, chat and video conferencing

  • Community board, forums and content management

  • Integrated payments and reporting solutions

Co-working spaces can access tiered discount structures and complimentary migration and BizForce services to augment existing member engagement and directory tools.

Other use cases

Distributed workforce
Professional networks
Conferences & events
Industry groups
Chambers of Commerce
Coaching and learning
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