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BizForce Global connects startups, professionals and SMEs across geographies, industries and sectors,
using purpose built technology that enables members to find, publish, engage and manage a diverse
range of commercial opportunities and partners.

Unlike other growth solutions and traditional networking channels, BizForce enables leaders to collaborate
where and when it suits them, using rich functionality aligned to the partnership management lifecycle.

A digital ecosystem, powering growth by connecting businesses with qualified opportunities and trusted partners.

Revolutionising B2B networking

Find, connect, partner, and manage B2B partnership relationships all in one place, as efficiently and productively as possible.

Leverage technology while keeping the human connection.

Do networking on your terms, the way you feel comfortable, at your own pace.

Get The Benefits

Practical Networking

Be targeted and focused, easily find the people you want to work with and you know you offer value to. Ensure the first step you take building a new relationship leads to tangible, long term results

Quality Partnerships

Partner with high-quality vetted and trusted complementary businesses and like-minded individuals. Be selective with the people you connect with. Avoid the information overload and time-wasters 


Cost Savings & Growth

Cut your customer acquisition costs by reducing the time it takes to find the people you want to work with. Access a far wider network - and a host of new business and revenue growth opportunities


How It Works


Demonstrate the value you offer

In just 10 minutes, create a profile to attract only the most relevant people you want to engage with. Advertise what you do, whom you're looking to partner with, what type of partnerships you're seeking, the type of clients you work with, as well as your short bio. Upload your marketing collateral and links to any videos, testimonials, or case studies. 

Focused and targeted  

Use the Collaboration Hub to quickly find the partners offering complementary services that you can build business partnerships with. Advanced filters and search capability allows you to develop a tailored, highly targeted list of potential partners. 



Fast track alignment

Use a structured and proven process to establish new business partnerships in the most efficient, accountable, and mutually beneficial way. Strategically manage your partnerships to ensure the trust is maintained in the long term.

Build Your Partnership Program

BizForce guides you through the process of building and managing your B2B partnerships program in the most effective way for your business to maximise partnerships and grow revenue


Greg Twemlow


Business group for Sydney northern beaches



Need a solution to manage your partner referrals?

BizForce also offers an advanced referral management solution that creates structure and simplicity in your referral program - boosting your efficiency and saving you precious time when dealing with high volume referral partners. 

It allows you and your partners to easily track referral status, provide updates, manage incentive payments, track revenue, and communicate with each other, all in one place. 

It also helps you manage a large volume of referrals to ensure a business opportunity is never lost and always managed efficiently. 

A new opportunity could be just a click away. 

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