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Innovation, growth and advocacy

Public sector, local authorities and state government leaders know that a thriving SME sector is the foundation of innovation, employment and future economic growth.


BizForce Connect supports Chambers of Commerce, industry associations and other publicly funded groups supercharge SME engagement and success through digitally-enabled collaboration, networking, advocacy and coaching.

Image by Annie Spratt

With the ability to create an unlimited number of communities and sub-groups, BizForce Connect enables SME community managers to deliver more value to members through:

  • Integrated networking and matching

  • Referral management solution

  • Collaboration and document management suite

  • Opportunity board and bidding

  • In-platform events, chat and video conferencing

  • Integrated payments and reporting solutions

Public Sector and not for profit discounts are available for associations and communities that support business growth, advocacy and innovation.

Other use cases

Distributed workforce
Professional networks
Conferences & events
Industry groups
Chambers of Commerce
Coaching and learning
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