Collaboration Incubator program by BizForce and Threecosystems

Strong B2B networks are key to accelerating business growth and recovery, but they can be time consuming and tough to build. Find out how to simplify networking and grow your business through BizForce’s collaboration incubator.


Developed with third party specialists Threecosystems, the program includes access to interactive webinars, guides and other materials to accelerate network development.

How do you grow, and create more value and commercial opportunities for members of your network in a digital world?

BizForce Connect

Digital Ecosystems for networking groups, co-working spaces, associations, and others

You've worked hard to build your membership base and help them grow and shape their businesses.

However, traditional networking usually requires physical attendance or frequent interaction, potentially limiting the generation of new commercial opportunities for members and organic growth.

Take your existing networks online using BizForce Connect that enable members to connect, collaborate, and share opportunities seamlessly to revenue growth and activity across your network.

Create new value for members of your network through the BizForce Ecosystem platform.

The benefits for your network

Create new value

Enable members to create a digital business profile, search for potential partners, engage with published opportunities and collaborate digitally to create new value across your network.

Increase membership

Grow member engagement and size with a digital platform that allows you engage members across geographies and connect with other networks to accelerate growth and member value.


Demonstrate value

Demonstrate the tangible value of your network through powerful reporting tools that enable member activity, inter-network opportunity creation and success stories to be captured, tracked and shared.

The benefits for your members

Practical Networking

Be targeted and focused, easily find the people you want to work with and you know you offer value to. Ensure the first step that you take building a new relationship leads to tangible long term results

Quality Partnerships

Partner with high-quality vetted and trusted complementary businesses and like-minded individuals. Be selective with the people you connect with, easily avoid spammers and time wasters


Cost Savings & Growth

Cut your customer acquisition costs by reducing the time it takes to find the people you want to work with. Access a far wider network - and a host of new business and revenue growth opportunities

Learn more about Local Ecosystem Use Cases 

Learn how other business levels up their opportunities by connecting, collaborating and creating opportunities within the BizForze Connect ecosystem

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