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Quality, Trusted and Vetted Complementary Businesses


One of the biggest obstacles when forging new business partnerships is finding high-quality people that you can trust in order to build long term relationships. 

Often a lot of time is spent speaking with spammers and time-wasters.

BizForce gives you access to a curated audience of like-minded business owners who are on the Collaboration Hub for the purpose of looking to build new revenue-generating partnerships across Australia and Beyond. 

Our comprehensive yet succinct profile ensures you get a holistic overview of potential partners - what they do and who they are, including links to all social media profiles, short introductory videos, customer testimonials and reviews.

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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Our Partner Quality Score (PQS) algorithm has been designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the quality of an individual, before deciding whether to engage with them.

The PQS doesn’t reward attention-seeking and likes, it rewards responsiveness, communication, and reliability. This is combined with reviews from both partners and clients.

It will give you a reliable indication of whether you should partner with them and whether they have the attributes most important to you.

No more wasting time reaching out to people that don't even respond or are barely active. 


When the algorithm detects a partner has gone below a certain score, whether due to inactivity, an incomplete profile, or too many negative reviews, they are automatically flagged for review by our vetting team, who decide if they will be kept on the Collaboration Hub.


If all you want is quantity, go for LinkedIn and Facebook. If you want quality connections use BizForce.

As businesses can only join the platform via an invite from existing members or by going through our rigorous vetting process, you can be confident you are connecting with high-quality partners.


The payment gateway along with other technical measures built into the platform architecture and strict conduct policies ensures a spam-free collaborative environment. 

BizForce offers a curated yet expansive network of quality partners to choose from.


BizForce is a quiet networking space to get business done.


Filter out the noise and information overload of social media platforms, where people focus on selling... not building long-term mutually beneficial relationships.  

Be selective with the people you connect with, and only engage with people who can offer you value or vice versa.


Access a huge variety and depth of complementary businesses to build your network of trusted partners. 


BizForce members represent over 30 different industries, with 100+ specialisations from across Australia as well as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

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