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Referral Networks

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Business networking reimagined

Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack and other collaboration tools are a powerful source of opportunities, referrals and insights for SMEs, start-ups and professionals all across the world. In a few clicks, members can share and secure new revenue through B2B collaboration.

But what traditional networking platforms deliver in speed and simplicity, they lack the tools and rigour needed for exponential growth.

BizForce Connect enables referral networks to have both: keeping their community dynamic and equipping members with the tools they need to take their collaboration to the next level.

Image by Annie Spratt

With the ability to create an unlimited number of communities and sub-groups, BizForce Connect enables existing networks to transform member experience and value through:

  • Integrated networking and matching

  • Referral management solution

  • Collaboration and document management suite

  • Opportunity board and bidding

  • In-platform events, chat and video conferencing

  • Integrated payments and reporting solutions

Referral networks on existing platforms (like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) are eligible for an extended trial period and complementary member migration and change management services.

Other use cases

Distributed workforce
Professional networks
Conferences & events
Industry groups
Chambers of Commerce
Coaching and learning
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