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The connected path to success

VCs and venture hubs are dedicated to helping their members succeed through cultivating thriving ecosystems of opportunity, innovation and growth.

At BizForce, we believe that business to business collaboration is one of the most cost efficient and commercially effective ways for bootstrapped, venture funded and scaling organisations to grow revenue and innovate in increasingly competitive markets.

BizForce Connect enables venture capital and hubs to equip their members with the digital networking, collaboration and opportunity sharing tools needed to maximise the value they can give and receive from being part of the ecosystem.

Image by Annie Spratt

With the tools tailored for startup and SME growth, BizForce Connect enables hubs and incubators to enhance member experience and value through:

  • Integrated networking and matching

  • Referral management solution

  • Collaboration and document management suite

  • Opportunity board and bidding

  • In-platform events, chat and video conferencing

  • Integrated payments and reporting solutions

In addition to significant discounts, VCs and venture hubs dedicated to helping start-up and early stage organisations succeed may be eligible for free credits from the BizForce Future Fund.

Other use cases

Distributed workforce
Professional networks
Conferences & events
Industry groups
Chambers of Commerce
Coaching and learning
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